For real. Many Kurdish children, like her, have been displaced from their homes, lost family members, starved on the dry Sinjar mountain, and now live under tents in refugee camps. 

Treasure every good moment, we never know what malicious thing may come our way.

Nothing like another round of golf after a beheading.

Since Obama made a statement on the beheading video and immediately decided to take off to Martha’s Vineyard Golf Club for yet another round of golf, what can be said now?

Classy! @MajorCBS: According to WH travel pool POTUS arrived at Vineyard Golf Club at 1:05 p.m., following statement on #JamesFoley
— StefMLayton (@StefMLayton) August 20, 2014

@MajorCBS I want to vomit. What we have here is a narcissist/sociopath President. An American is beheaded and he cannot be bothered.
— FreedomRealtor (@Trishahope11) August 20, 2014

— TracyJeffords (@TracyJeffords) August 20, 2014

@MajorCBS He sure must be pi $$ ed that all this “stuff” keeps interrupting his vacation! Does he tack on more vaca each trip to DC/speech?
— S D (@SHARHAIR) August 20, 2014

@SVCardFan There are people in this country rightly terrorized by these ISIS savages. He doesn’t give a !@#$%^&*. Border wide open. @MajorCBS
— penelope210 (@penelopesire) August 20, 2014

- Muslims always stick together that’s why Obama never flinches an eyelid when an American citizen is slaughtered, even does nothing knowing it is about to happen.